The Great FE Intake Comparo is a performance comparison study of various intake manifolds that have been available for the Ford FE Engine. Using this guide the FE performance enthusiast can select the best intake manifold for his high performance engine.

The book also covers factory Ford exhaust manifolds and aftermarket headers, and features comparisons between Edelbrock and Cobra Jet heads, solid and hydraulic lifters, and various spacers and oiling system modifications. The information in this book provides actual dyno data that can be used to make intelligent component selections when building a high performance FE engine.

FE Intake Adapters are designed to allow the use of a 351C intake manifold on the FE engine, or the construction of a simple sheet metal intake. Using the adapters, certain intake manifolds such as tunnel rams can be used on the FE, plus the intake adapters offer a removable center plate to access the lifter valley, and the ability to change intakes or easily build a custom intake.

A variety of different intake adapters are available for low riser and medium riser engines; in addition, High Riser and Tunnel Port versions are also available to cover any FE application.

FE Timing Covers fit any wedge FE engine and feature a removable front plate, for accessing the top timing gear and cam. Combined with the FE Power adjustable timing set, this allows cam timing changes to be made easily, similar to a camshaft belt drive setup, at a greatly reduced cost. The front plate is sealed to the timing cover with an O-ring seal; no gasket is required.

The timing covers also feature additional bosses for mounting brackets or attaching a motor plate, the ability to use the normal FE front seal or a front-installed 351C front seal, and thicker bosses at the bottom to prevent the stripped oil pan bolt threads that are common on the stock FE front cover.

FE to CVR Water Pump Adapters allow the use of the excellent CVR 55 gallon-per-minute Pro-Flo Extreme electric water pump. These adapters, plus the CVR pump, are the only 55 gpm pump setup that will bolt onto the FE engine. The adapters seal to the engine block with O-rings, so no water pump gaskets are required.

Three different versions of the adapters are available: a plain version, a version that accepts stock FE alternator brackets, and a version that accepts stock FE alternator and power steering pump brackets. Using these adapters and the CVR water pump, no special bracket fabrication is required.

SOHC Inspection Covers Dress up the front of your SOHC engine with these CNC machined aluminum inspection covers. They feature raised ribs with rounded valleys between them that mimic the size and style of the original SOHC valve cover ribs. The block letters are also machined to be similar in style to the original "427 SOHC" valve cover lettering. Replacing the plain aluminum or steel inspection covers with these CNC machined versions will add a touch of class to your SOHC engine.

GFEIC Front Cover

FE Intake Adapter 13001

FE Timing Cover 14001

CVR Water Pump Adapters 12002

CVR Water Pump Adapters 12002