The Great FE Intake Comparo

288 Pages - Over 150 Dyno Test Results - Over 600 Photos, Charts, and Graphs

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The Great FE Intake Comparo is the result of four years of dyno testing, where nearly forty different intake manifold types were evaluated on six different engines, ranging in power from 350 to 675 horsepower. The manifolds were often tested in port matched or internally ported form, leading to over 50 different intake manifold configurations. The intake manifolds tested during this work are listed below:

This testing also encompassed Ford exhaust manifold and aftermarket header testing on two of the dyno mules, including the following types of manifolds and headers:

The book also features dyno results from a variety of other component tests, a part by part description of each dyno mule, and a detailed technical overview of the SuperFlow 901 dynamometer. This book provides the FE performance enthusiast with hard data from actual dyno test results, which can be used to make intelligent equipment choices for an FE street/strip engine.

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