Tunnel Port FE Intake Adapters

Great Start for a Custom Intake!

FE Power LLC manufactures cast aluminum intake manifold adapters, to fit a Ford 351C 4V intake manifold on the FE engine. The version described here is designed to fit factory and aftermarket tunnel port heads. Please note that these intake adapters are built on an as-ordered basis; delivery time may vary. Contact us for a delivery estimate. A description of the intake adapter is given below.

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Part Number 13180: Tunnel Port Intake Adapter

The FE Power #13180 cast aluminum intake manifold adapter is designed to fit all FE series engines with tunnel port cylinder heads. This adapter is designed to be used as the base of a sheet metal intake, allowing a simple sheet metal intake to be constructed, rather than requiring an intake with provisions for pushrod holes and tubes, the valve cover rails, a water jacket, and a distributor opening. Please note that a 351C intake manifold will not bolt on to this intake adapter.

This intake manifold adapter provides the following features:

- Ports in the 13180 intake adapter are CNC machined, and feature the bulge around the pushrod tube in the intake port, just like the factory tunnel port intake manifolds.

- On the cylinder head side, the ports are a close match to the factory tunnel port heads, leaving a small amount of material for port matching purposes.

- The pushrod tubes in the intake port are elongated compared with the factory round tubes, allowing a higher cam lift without the pushrods interfering with the pushrod tubes, as is common on the factory intakes.

- The intake adapter features an additional bolt pattern on each intake manifold face, for bolting on a port plate as a starting point for the intake manifold. FE Power also has these port plates available under part number 13203; please contact us for details.

- With the adapter in place the intake manifold can be removed without having to remove the valve covers, pushrods, rocker arms, and distributor, and the water jacket seal between the cylinder head and the intake adapter remains intact.

- The valley of the engine is accessible through the access panel in the intake adapter, after removal of the intake. Flat tappet lifters and most roller lifters can be removed and replaced through this opening. The access panel and the machined road draft tube cover at the back of the intake adapter seal to the adapter with O-rings; no gaskets are required.

- The intake adapter comes complete with eight allen head capscrews required for installation, and is completely Made in USA, by FE Power LLC.


- This intake adapter will fit factory Ford and aftermarket tunnel port heads.

- This sale is for shipment to US destinations only. If you are not in the US but would like to purchase one of these adapters, please contact us for international shipping information.

13180 Intake Adapter

Part number 13180 is shown in the photo above.

13180 Intake Adapter Top View

The photo above shows a top view of part number 13180.

13101 Intake Adapter Side View

The photo above shows a side view of part number 13180.

13101 Intake Adapter Intake Ports

The photo above shows the intake port side of part number 13180.

13101 Intake Adapter Head Ports

The photo above shows a front view of part number 13180.