Dyno Results

Listed below are links to various dyno test results that have been accumulated over the past several years. These are general interest test results, not necessarily specific to FEs, but of course all the tests have been conducted on FE engines. More tests will be added to these results as they become available.

SOHC Distributor vs. No Distributor

The dyno plot above shows a 585" SOHC engine before and after conversion to a distributorless ignition system. The EFI system used prior to this conversion was a FAST EFI, using the FAST distributor that included both crank and cam sensors. This system was set up for full sequential operation. Problems with the distributor at high RPM were suspected using this setup, so a switch was made to an EMS-Pro EFI system. A Ford 36-1 toothed wheel from a late model Ford engine was adapted to the FE for timing control. Both a Hamlin sensor and a Ford VR sensor were used to detect the teeth of the wheel, with both working satisfactorily after airgaps were optimized. No cam sensor was used, and the EFI system was run in bank fire mode. Eight individual coil packs were installed and a wasted spark strategy was employed. The changeover resulted in a gain of 30 HP at the top of the engine speed range, and smoother high RPM performance. Despite the fact that the engine was no longer fully sequential, idle speed remained around 750 RPM and general low speed performance on the dyno was good.