Author Topic: Temp sensor for EFI in Performer RPM - ? on Sniper controlling electric fans.  (Read 353 times)

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It looks like the Performer RPM intake only has one option for the temp sensor. I currently have my temp gauge in that port. I have a thermostat housing with a port that has the temp switch for my electric fans. I can easily move the temp gauge sensor to the t-stat housing and use the port in the RPM for my EFI temp sensor. I'm just not strong on understanding wiring, switches, sensors, etc... Do I take the wire for the fans temp switch and hook it to the wire for the Sniper ECU? I read the ECU can control the fans but the kit only had "quick" set up instructions and I don't see the fans covered.

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If I understand the Holley info correctly, and hopefully I do since I'm dealing with a similar situation, the Sniper will output a (-) ground signal to activate your fans.  On my car, and what I think is a typical setup, the temperature switch is between the chassis ground and (-) post of the fan relay.  Once the temperature reaches setpoint, the switch closes and gives the ground path to the relay. The Sniper has two wires you can use, the blue & light green, either of which can be used to give the same ground path to the relay.  I think there is a YouTube video that shows how to test it by lowering the temperature setpoint below ambient in the Sniper controller to see if the fan starts.  All that said, I'm no expert either, but I think that is all there is to it.


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The Sniper hand-held reports coolant temperature, so maybe your gauge is not needed?  I had to replace the Holley provided sender with a new Standard Products TX3 sensor, as the Holley one was way off.  Oft-reported problem.  I control my fan with a relay; the Sniper provides the control ground.
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If you have fan control on the sniper, feed it to your fan relay and let it control it.  Then you can adjust on/off temps

I always add a second bung, but you can put your temp gauge in the thermostat housing and Sniper in the intake

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