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FE Technical Forum / Re: NW Machine shops
« Last post by badcatt on Today at 10:41:13 PM »
If anybody has contact info for Dave Bliss, I would like to talk with him. It is rumored that he may have owned my 1970 CJ Cougar and I would like to find out if that is correct and get any history he may have on it. Please PM me about it.
FE Technical Forum / Re: Fox Body FE Swap Guide
« Last post by TomP on Today at 10:22:45 PM »
I could drag the K Member out of the shed. It is buried way back there and weighs a ton... because the lower control arms are still on it.
Wish I knew what they were, swap meet specials
FE Technical Forum / Re: Fox Body FE Swap Guide
« Last post by 410bruce on Today at 08:04:23 PM »
Just received the UPR K member. Nice piece. I'll be installing it into the car whether the FE goes in or not.

Did some measurements in the engine compartment and the 390 I'm selling, and it looks like, at least in my preliminary eyeballing, the power brake booster will have to be deleted. I don't like the idea of going to manual brakes. Hmm...
FE Technical Forum / Re: NW Machine shops
« Last post by 410bruce on Today at 05:40:53 PM »
Another vote for Parkland. That's the home of Scott Johnston, one of the premier big-block Ford builders. He's awesome to deal with. I have purchased custom cams, cylinder heads, a stroker kit and some other random 460 stuff over the years from him. Always a pleasure to deal with.

Edit to add, he also has an engine dyno.
Very nice job Ross, by the way where did you find a set of 1 7/8 truck headers? Been looking for some for mine
Private Classifieds / Re: 390 - 3U crankshaft ( Clean10-10 ) $150 obo
« Last post by Jetfixer 6 on Today at 02:25:01 PM »
If you do sell and need to ship, I have the perfect crate you can have. A short while ago, I bought a 390 crank from California and had it shipped to Surprise. The seller did an outstanding job building this. Too bad yours wasn't for sale sooner. Would've saved me $200.
FE Technical Forum / Re: NW Machine shops
« Last post by DubyaTF on Today at 01:06:31 PM »

  The shop I used was Johnson's Machine in Tumwater. Randy Kozar is the owner and a hardcore Ford guy. They have a torque plate for FE and had plenty of core parts available if needed. Honest, fair and easy to work with.
FE Technical Forum / Re: Need Advice on Fox Body FE Project
« Last post by DubyaTF on Today at 12:46:14 PM »

  On an internet search of WW2 Fairmont- you come up with an Army Airfield in Nebraska that was used to train B-24 Liberator crews!

   Still a camo paint scheme with some nose art. Can't wait to see this car on track Jay!
Non-FE Discussion Forum / Re: factory front disc brakes
« Last post by Falcon67 on March 21, 2023, 10:42:53 AM »
On some of the disk swaps, the outer tie rods may be a different thread.  My swap experience is that you need to run the correct outer with the swap spindle.

My write up on my web site from years ago:  Link:

One thing that did change was the tie rod ends. Here is where you will have most of your problems.  First, the dimensions associated with the spindle mounting point for the outer tie rod end varies. For example, on the older cars the tie rod to spindle bolt was 7/16". On the later models, it is 1/2". The taper of the tie rod end mount also varies between models.  Another thing to look out for is the thread that mates with the adjusting sleeve.  For 63 up V8 Falcon cars, 66 up all Falcon and 67 up all Mustang, the tie rod adjusting thread was 11/16-18.  On 60-62 Falcon, 63, 64 and 65 6 cylinder Falcon, 64-66 Mustang 6 cylinder manual steering cars the thread was 1/2-20.  One more exception: 64-66 Mustang with power steering - the thread was 3/4-18 on the left side.  Because of the taper and spindle thread, the outer tie rods MUST come from the donor car.  V8's before 66 and all later models will mate "foreign" outer tie rods with the existing inner tie rods via the adjusting sleeve.  As noted, the early 6 cylinder cars and other exceptions will require a swap to V8 front linkage (center link, inner tie rods and possibly idler arm) or you'll have to fabricate an adapter. Mustangs Plus carries some extra length adapters (at the time of this posting) to help mate odd rod lengths.
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