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Doug, I had a 1.46 60’ the other night with the 10.5s. 13.5 psi, 3800 rpm clutch dump. Sub par burnout, just skidded forward as I did not get planted in box. My Hoosiers are 29”. I put a 29.5 in there but did not like how close to the dog leg the tire was.
FE Technical Forum / Re: Would you run this rocker?
« Last post by 428kidd on Today at 07:00:27 AM »
Maybe see if any one here might have one the could loan you until T&D gets them done?
That is kinda frisky for a street oriented cam. 
More street racer than street driver.
Used similar cams often for that purpose. 
I would agree with Brent on the spring deal. 
I used a Manley Nextec oval track spring on stuff like that when I was running traditional four stud rocker mounting - had around 220-230 seat and still only around 600 open.
Couple with a TI or tool steel retainer, set up installed as tight to .050 from bind as you could comfortably get -  and they would do really well.
And I would look at that .012 as a cold lash target - should get you right around .020-.021 hot.
Sometimes hard to define "hot" and keep it consistent through the lash process.  But room temperature cold is easy.
Non-FE Discussion Forum / Re: 66 Fairlane GT hood.
« Last post by TomP on June 13, 2024, 10:39:54 PM »
I get those emails from them too, kinda cool all the stuff that is available for Fairlanes now. For many years some good cars got parted out because of the lack of available replacements have
 But still 66-67 Comets have very little made for them.
FE Technical Forum / Re: FE in a 65 Fastback thread
« Last post by e philpott on June 13, 2024, 09:54:15 PM »
Was it the car that was converted from hardtop to Fastback? I’m almost sure the build was posted here but I can’t find it
FE Technical Forum / Re: BBM 427 block build info?
« Last post by rj4004 on June 13, 2024, 09:31:54 PM »
Appreciate the info given, any and all, getting ready to order pistons, rings and such, and wanted to ask people who had personal experience with these blocks. 
A nice OEM block just doesn't have the thicker deck that I have had problems with on factory stuff, and found this BBM new block for a decent price and decided to go with that.
Bushing all lifter bores is a given in my opinion, and I'll check the steam holes for any problems .

Much appreciated

RJ Sledge

Here is my cam spec. It was considered streetable upon my build.
Like Brent said, what some call streetable, others may not. That cam appears to be very similar in lift and duration to the Oregon Cam solid flat tappet cam that I ran for years in both several 428s, and the 427 in my Fairmont. That cam ran for years , with 145 pounds of seat, and 320 open, and ran a best of 10.03 at 132 MPH in the .030 over 428, and 9.97 at 132 with the 427 with 428 crank. Both engines used stock iron Cobra Jet heads, and despite shifting those engines at 6200 RPM, I would have been pretty hard pressed to call that cam "streetable", at last MY version of streetable. To me, a streetable cam is one that can idle down well below 1000 RPM, and have enough vacuum , so that the power brakes can function normally, if so equipped. And most anybody could be able to drive the car, without needing a crash course in how to drive the car. To some, anything that can stumble down to the local burger joint car meet is streetable, but others prefer a street car to be able to go 1000s of miles per year, without needing to be checking valve lash, spring pressures , and other items more than once a year. I know that Drag Week, and similar "Drag and Drive" events are fairly popular,  and some guys think that a Pro Mod race car is a street car, if it can make the trip from one dragstrip to the next, without wipers, functional glass windows, a steel body , especially with a naturally aspirated engine. When I see a car with a turbo  or blower sticking a foot above the stock hood, or a 8" tall cowl hood, the hood and fenders held together with Dzuz fasteners, lexan windows that don`t go up and down, and the open headers sticking out of the front fenders, to me, that is not what I consider a street car. But thats just one old guys opinion. Some of those "street car" drivers, as well as most "Rat Rod" drivers, must have heart papilations if a Police car happens to pull up behind or along side them at an intersection.
FE Technical Forum / Would you run this rocker?
« Last post by Jim Comet on June 13, 2024, 08:02:27 PM »
Hate to consider using this but T&D connot give me an ETA on when they can make my new rocker. I have a race coming up in 2 weeks. If T&D delivers before great, if not I may run this one. .640 lift and 650lbs of spring pressure. What are your thoughts? Jim
FE Technical Forum / Re: FE in a 65 Fastback thread
« Last post by Stangman on June 13, 2024, 07:31:15 PM »
Yes beautifully done car.
FE Technical Forum / FE in a 65 Fastback thread
« Last post by e philpott on June 13, 2024, 06:52:41 PM »
Wasn’t there a member here that stuffed a FE into an early 65-66 Mustang?
 I did a search and nothing came up and couldn’t find the thread . If anyone remembers the thread or link would be appreciated
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