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Non-FE Discussion Forum / Question for the clutch masters..
« on: January 28, 2022, 08:32:10 PM »
I am replacing a diaphragm type clutch with a long style. Upon the inspection of my new pressure plate I find a possible problem. It appears as though the machining of one of the lever tips, ( where the TO bearing rides ), is not accurate. It seems to be beveled. Hopefully  my attached pictures show this clearly. Its only one of the levers. How critical is this? Can I dress this down? If I do it will leave this lever a few thousandths lower than the others. How critical would that be? The car is a street driven 67 Mustang 450-500 hp. It would be nice to be able to button this back up without a lot of dinking around but I dont want to have to go through this again in a few hundred miles. Thanks......Jim Kramer 

FE Technical Forum / Rocker arm adjuster wear.
« on: September 18, 2020, 09:27:46 AM »
I am seeing abnormal wear on the balls of my adjusters. I'm gaining considerable valve lash with only a few miles driving and it is coming from the adjuster balls that have worn as much as .030 in less than thirty miles. I replaced the original adjusters ( these arms are the low ratio Iskys ) with new Crane units but that didn't cure the problem. My push rods are 9.157 long Comp items, which are longer than stock, but are still below the spit hole in the rocker arm. The cups are still like new ( no wear ). No apparent wear on the rocker arms themselves, shafts, or anyplace else. The shafts are heavy wall aftermarket with a single oiling hole on the bottom and top of the shaft. Oil pressure is good with a minimum of 20 hot at 1000 rpm immediately rising as the speed increases to about 60 hot at maybe 2500. Valve springs measure about 300/310 at full lift ( about .520 ). I do have a restrictor in the heads, but it's .125 so shouldn't be the problem.

I've used this rocker arm assy. before on my 390 Stock Eliminator motor with no problem. The pushrods are new, with the extra length, to the equation. I'm wondering about the quality of the new Crane adjusters. Has anyone seen a problem with them?   Thank you......Jim Kramer

FE Technical Forum / First post. clutch question.
« on: July 18, 2020, 03:39:15 PM »
This is my first post on this forum, although I have watched it since it was new. I was also on the old 332-428 fe forum since it was new, but it has lately gotten so bad that apparently my computer and internet service can't handle it anymore making it almost impossible to read let alone post.

Anyway, my question..I bought a Ram "powermaster" , diaphragm style PP and disk for my 390 Mustang. The engagement and disengagement all takes place within about one to two inches of peddle travel. I have a friend with a similar set up and it acts the same way. Is this typical for a diaphragm type clutch. When I push the clutch down it seems to "overcenter" at the point of disengagement, making control of the process difficult. I'm afraid this will make movement in tight quarter touchy. I'm thinking the only way to improve the operation would be to lengthen the lower arm of the "Z" bar, thus improving the effective ratio. Has anyone encountered this and come up with a solution , or do I simply need to learn to live with it..... thanks....Jim Kramer

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