Flow Comparison Between Factory 428 Cobra Jet Heads and Edelbrock FE Heads

The flow data shown at right shows a comparison between out of the box Edelbrock heads and factory Ford 428 Cobra Jet heads. The Cobra Jet heads have been given a minor bowl clean-up, but are otherwise stock. Both sets of heads use identical valve sizes, and were both tested with a clay radius on the intake port and a 1 3/4" pipe on the exhaust port. Test data was taken on a SuperFlow SF-600 flow bench.

From a flow perspective, it appears that the intake ports are very close to the same, even though the Edelbrock heads use a medium riser port size and the Cobra Jet ports use a low-riser port. On the exhaust, the Edelbrock heads show an advantage at the higher lift numbers. From this data it is clear that the Edelbrock heads would be a good substitute for factory Cobra Jet heads, and would offer the advantage of aluminum construction as well.

Cobra Jet vs. Edelbrock Intake Flow Numbers

Cobra Jet vs. Edelbrock Exhaust Flow Numbers