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Free stuff for people that don't wanna buy anything!

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Hopefully I'm doing this right...don't want to hi-jack Drew's excellent idea/thread.

Hood surplus to my requirements, comes with the alum leading edge trim strip. Free to the 1st person who wants to come get it and put it to its intended use (ie, on a car and not sold for scrap)

Full disclosure, its in good shape, but appears to have been in a v minor crunch at some stage on the pass leading edge but from 10 ft away isn't noticable and certainly isn't much more than a 'buff out' imperfection.

Drew Pojedinec:
Nah man, anyone that has junk laying around, post it up.  I meant to send all the stuff off but got sent offshore.... be back in two weeks and I'll get everything mailed out.

These appear to be a 70's High Riser intake gasket set, judging from the colours and thick dust.
Doubt I will fire up a HR anytime soon. ::)
Of course you will have to pay the post, but they are free. ;)


Drew Pojedinec:
Ordered Axle pivot bushings for my 76 F100 from Macs or some such place, it was 3-4 years ago.
I just tore my trucks front end apart and noticed they are the wrong ones.  correct ones ordered, been too long to send back these old ones.

Moog: K8621
Ford: E4TZ-3B177B

Listing of applications:
Cost new, $60+
Cost to you?  just a thanks will do.


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