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Free stuff for people that don't wanna buy anything!

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Drew Pojedinec:
ok all my freebies have been given away.

Guess the thread served it's purpose in some way.

I like it!  I'll make it a sticky.  For anyone posting here, please update your messages so that people know when the parts you are trying to unload are no longer available.

Drew Pojedinec:
Shady, you asked bout this:

Date code 3F25 so appropriate for a 63 galaxie

57 lima bean:
410 flex plate....'mon get...TC area of Mn.

Drew those heads would be perfect for my son who is collecting parts for his first FE.
Or engine of any kind for that matter.
I would be happy to pay for anything it would take to get them to Spencer Iowa.
If you are close he could even road trip it.


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