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wrecked Thunderbolt Clone F/S in NC (not mine)

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Holy Cow! Did that get hit by a train?!?!?

Looks like almost nothing salvageable.

Yeah, that thing looks pretty bad. I have to admit that calling a small block 64 Fairlane with arm rests a Thunderbolt clone, is a bit of stretch however. It takes a lot more than just installing a Crites hood to be a "clone" of a Thunderbolt, to me at least. Just like putting a reproduction Boss 429 hood scoop on a 69/70 Mustang, or Boss 302 side stripes , doesn`t make a 302 Mustang a Boss car. As for that Fairlane, I doubt that there is much of any value salvageable in that car.

I'm a retired 2nd generation bodyman with 46 years in the shop.
That is TOAST, I will bet good money the trans case is cracked and most likely the block also.

A decent body guy could save the trunk lid. Estimated retail $25k 😅😅😂


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