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Suggestions/Help about where to sell non-FE parts.

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Hey all, I am looking for suggestions about good places to sell some 429/460 parts.
Ebay is out for me.
I have not sold much in a long time so I am not current where the better places are.

Years ago I was a very limited user on the 460Ford website, but it got so overtaken by popup ads that I left and have not been back.
While I am running up to date blockers, I would like to avoid a place with all that if I can.

I have not been on racing junk in forever either so I don't know how that is going today as well.

If you have any good suggestions I would appreciate a helpful nudge in the right direction.

Thanks and have a great day.

I use Firefox as my web browser, and have the NoScript addon installed, and I never get popups, but you may need to adjust it's settings to get my results. I've been using it for years to keep junk from running on my computer- you'd be amazed by all the different web addresses that load on one web page, NoScript allows you to block each one and will make a website non-functional if your settings are too strict (or you can decide to quit using websites, as I do). Another good program/addon is Privacy Badger, which was developed and is maintained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. https://privacybadger.org/

As for selling, I've had some luck over the years with Craigslist, but you've got to be on the lookout for scammers. Always protect your private information. I've sold a few things this year on C/L, just realize you will limit your market since selling local on the site is the safest. I've never shipped or purchased anything that wasn't within a couple hours of me. Always deal face to face and with cash. Meet buyers in a public place for safety.

There are some ebay competitors out there, but I've never used any of them. I've checked out Bonanza, but never bought/sold anything there. https://www.bonanza.com/

Personally, I'd try Craigslist first. You will likely need to be more patient, but a little more time to sell something is a small price to pay to escape ebay fees.

Good luck

try the other forum, fordfe.com. They have a misc. for sale thread.

I suppose different regions use different sales sources. When I was planning my cross Canada move last year, between craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, I sold so much stuff that I didn`t want to have to move 4000 miles with me, that I couldn`t believe it. Engines and parts, shop equipment, tools, etc, those 2 markets worked great. Funny, here in Nova Scotia, it seems that Marketplace and Kijijji are the popular models, with very few using craigslist. I rarely sold on EBay, but bought a lot, but in recent years, with the changes made (Paypal only, no negative feedback allowed etc), I haven`t even looked at Ebay in months. Plus all the BS listings that have practically every vehicle ever made at the bottom of their ads, so if you do a search for a certain item, you get bombarded by crap that you are not interested in. Like valve stem caps, light bulbs, plastic wheel covers etc that "Will fit a 1959 Ford". You end up getting 30,000 items in your search, but maybe 25 or 30 actually pertain to your actual search criteria.

If you are on Face Book there is a 385 Big Block Power Yard Sale where you post 385 items for sale. Here is a link to it but I'm not sure if it will go through if you are not a member.


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