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Welcome to South Georgia.......
I used to watch Pass Time every now and then back when it was on the Speed Channel on a regular schedule.
I just happened to be watching when Robert Pond was on with his white Fairlane.
Needless to say, none of the contestants were close on their estimates.
I forget now what it was, but the house 'pro' had some comment about Mr Pond's description of the car.
Private Classifieds / WTB Solid Flat tappet cam
« Last post by chilly460 on Today at 07:19:30 AM »
Looking for a new or quality used solid flat tappet, something in the ballpark of 240-245* .550"+

Member Projects / Re: My FE Powered 1966 F100 "Project"
« Last post by wowens on Today at 07:06:36 AM »

That's nice!
Mr. Conley has again set the bar.
Extremely beautiful build.
I actually saw that, as my wife was giving me the " I can't believe your watching this" look.  The wheelie got her attention.
FE Technical Forum / Re: Instalation of hedman #85120on my 66 comet
« Last post by manofmerc on Today at 06:51:35 AM »
One thing I forgot to mention in my original post .The oil filter and block adapter needs to be removed so having an extra gasket on hand will speed the installation process .I want to comment on hedder paint also .I didn't have the $$ to have my hedders coated so I tried the old vht paint .Two weeks later all is well with it .I went to great lengths on the paint prep .I wiped them down with brake clean and an abrasive pad then I used a metal etch .It is really a rust removal I use it to prep bare metal for paint.It seems to work good on hedders too . My paint is still looking good but for how long I don't know .Doug
Is the object here to lie and fool the judges?

Btw, no way that alleged 100,000 mile + engine doesn't have a LOT more work done that the driver admitted to.

The object is for the contestants to guess the ET of the car. They each get one question and the driver has no obligation to offer any info other than the question asked. So yeah, the engine wasn't exactly stock, with a "big cam".

The first time I watched a 10.5 tire 'street' class, I was blown away with what those guys did on small tires and a street legal car. And that was back when aftermarket blocks weren't that common for the SBF. It also became quickly apparent that 500 hp was the point where stock blocks had a limited lifespan. That guy obviously had a well worked out combo. Cool heads up launch and a helluva run!
Hah, an 8:72! Talk about smokin' the judges!

I rarely have seen this show but when he said a B-series Ford cam + nitrous I was suspicious. The burnout told me hold on!

Is the object here to lie and fool the judges?

Btw, no way that alleged 100,000 mile + engine doesn't have a LOT more work done that the driver admitted to.
FE Technical Forum / Re: Intake manifold modification
« Last post by machoneman on Today at 06:27:33 AM »
Dubs, some years ago, some spacer manufacturer did make a spacer with those milled slots and a few pieces of kinda' T-shaped, drop in dividers (some dropped down to allow say a 1" gap at the top, another was a full wall piece. Damned if I remember who it was could potentially buy a spacer and with some heat-resistant sheet plastic replicate this idea without fooling with machining an aluminum intake......far easier to say the least.  These btw were racer parts for track tuning but it would work on any streeter too.   

Here's a homemade version that depicts what I'm talking about:
FE Technical Forum / Re: Picking Cam For Electric Fuel Injection ?
« Last post by My427stang on Today at 04:36:10 AM »
I am very sorry to hear about your health, but don't worry, that car will still be very fast. 

If you can do it, while the valve covers are off, close the valve lash up to about .014 cold and that cam will have a little more oats to it
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