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The Jerico version is only about 6 or 8 years old.  I had a chance to pick up one from a 10.5 racer about 3 years ago. He had the 5 speed clutchless version and said he loved it until he totalled his car. Cant find much out there about many being used and since Jerico has made so many changes in there busness any kinda tech support or information is scarce.  No better than the tech guys at summit and well we all know how that goes.
FE Technical Forum / Re: 3G alternator with single v-belt and no squeal
« Last post by jayb on Today at 05:06:38 PM »
Not to sidetrack this post, but which pulleys are you using?  I'm using a double v on my 428 and it will definitely squeal if the battery is low and the alternator is charging at full power.  Case in point, left the fans on manually on accident while eating tacos.  Post taco engine started...barely, everyone got to listen to my belts sing down the block.

Sorry - any 6 rib I run are SBF or 351C - using stock crank and alternator with a March WP pulley.  Unless using an electric pump, then only the crank and alternator.  Unfortunately, don't see any 6 rib units for FEs.  unless you buy a whole kit.  They might sell an individual part from those kits.

You can buy a six rib crank pulley from March that will fit an FE.  I use that setup on my race car and the belt never squeals.  I run the belt directly from the crank pulley to the alternator, no water pump involved because I run an electric pump.

By the way, I think Pentroof's idler solution is really cool...
Non-FE Discussion Forum / Re: Just store it or......?
« Last post by jayb on Today at 05:02:03 PM »
I'd really have a hard time parting with any of my cars.  I already regret selling some of the ones I've had over the years ('67 Mustang fastback, '71 429 SCJ Ranchero, '66 F100 pickup, '66 Mercury Cyclone).  If I sold any of the ones I have now I'd immediately have sellers remorse.  If I were you, Earl, I'd hang onto it; you might decide you want to enjoy it some more later.  I'd also think about getting that dirt road paved  ;D
Member Projects / Re: Original 427 SOHC Engine Rebuild
« Last post by jayb on Today at 04:56:59 PM »
I know that Barry R at Survival Motorsports gets Diamond pistons, so you might try him.  You could probably go direct to Diamond also, maybe send them an email?
FE Technical Forum / Re: Need tips for repairing stripped hole in intake.
« Last post by Heo on Today at 03:45:10 PM »
When i repair a hole like that i drill the size to get a round hole
then i thread and put a bolt in the hole with some locktite cut it
of, file flat and drill a new hole the right size in the right place
By the time you remove more material to install an insert I would just plug it and redo if you want the most robust and cleanest solution.
FE Technical Forum / Need tips for repairing stripped hole in intake.
« Last post by aj on Today at 03:29:39 PM »
I plan to use a Big-Sert kit in an attempt to repair the stripped hole shown in the photo of a cast iron CJ intake.   The hole was previously stripped and then drilled off center and a make shift stud inserted.

My concern is that the thread insert will not have full contact with the entire circumference of the new hole/threads.  See red circle on the photo.

I'm wondering if I should fill the hole solid with JB weld before drilling/tapping for the insert.  My guess is the Big Sert may work without JB weld since it's a relatively low torque fastener and the insert will be grabbing the threads of about 70-80% of the total circumference of the hole 

Wanting to hear opinions from others that have repaired similar stripped threads in cast iron intake. 


FE Technical Forum / Re: threads on c-6
« Last post by thatdarncat on Today at 03:22:54 PM »
The Ford Parts Book would specify what it is and the fittings, I'm just nowhere near my books.
FE Technical Forum / Re: threads on c-6
« Last post by Stangman on Today at 03:20:53 PM »
Just so everyone knows the thread is nspt. My fittings on the tranny dont have washers but
the a/n fittings do.That being said I forgot to ask him if all c-6s have that thread. I will check that out
but Im at work now.
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