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FE Technical Forum / Re: Will a Magnum T56 or TKO fit a 1964 Galaxie
« Last post by Katz427 on Today at 03:34:05 PM »
I agree with Chilly, you have to cut out the floor around the back half of the 600. On the 60-64 galaxie you will want the room to get the angle correct. Later galaxies like 66 and up seem to have a little more room in the tunnel, and that may be because the C6 was a larger transmission. Just based on my fitting one in a 61 Ford.
Non-FE Discussion Forum / Re: Car cover
« Last post by thatdarncat on Today at 01:53:22 PM »
You maybe want to check with California Car Covers. I've never bought through them, but they've been around quite a while. Jim DeFrank and his sons, who own the company, are long time drag racers, I think they make a lot of the race car covers.
Non-FE Discussion Forum / Re: Car cover
« Last post by Falcon67 on Today at 01:48:17 PM »
Might check with Drag Tarp, not sure that's the same but they make quality covers.  Personally, the Budge covers from Walmart hold up decently well.
FE Technical Forum / Re: Shipping a FE ?
« Last post by 427HISS on Today at 12:29:31 PM »
Call 1-800-998-2100 and ask for David in the shipping department.  By far the best rates that I have found for shipping engines and heavy engine parts.  Also they have great customer service.

I'll give them a ring.
I have a New Motive Gear Performance Ring & Pinion set #F890375 for sale. It was removed to change gears and has NO miles on it. It is a Performance Off-Road gear set made from 8620 hardened tool steel and then REM finished that looks like chrome. 3.75:1 ratio, 45 ring gear teeth & 12 pinion gear teeth, 28 spline pinion. New from Summit is $334.00 + $150.00 REM finishing. Will sell for $350.00 + shipping. Can deliver to the Columbus, OH Ford Swap or the FE Race & Reunion. Call (513)616-3503. Can text pictures if needed.
FE Technical Forum / Re: Will a Magnum T56 or TKO fit a 1964 Galaxie
« Last post by My427stang on Today at 06:19:46 AM »
Let me jump in as one one the longest TKO-600 users and a person that has installed a few

If you go with the correct length input shaft, match the clutch disk, and use a 390 clutch fork, the tranny is a bolt in with factory linkage.  Even uses the same length driveshaft and the same speedo cable.

However, as others have said, the top of the TKO has a few covers and braces that keep you from jacking all the way up.  However, they are minor, some body styles need a couple swings of the hammer, others need a little trimming.

In any case, the gear spread of the TKO-600 works well, I like the .64 OD with a 4.11, others like less gear with a .82, however, I have never seen one that needs more gears, so to me, the ease of the TKO combined with the cost savings is a no-brainer.

FYI - I have installed 5 total, and mine has been in my Mustang since late 2006, never missed a beat
Ranch, thanks I'll check it out.
« Last post by 427HISS on October 15, 2017, 07:41:51 PM »
Sorry for the late responce.
I did not like the reviews of any of their products.

I did buy, a two year old BORLA/TWN polished injection and all products to make it run, even the pump. At a very,...low price.
It also comes with a FAST computer system. I'll see if I use it or buy a stand alone.

FE Technical Forum / Re: Ford 2x4 MR intake causes strange AFR's
« Last post by jgkurz on October 15, 2017, 07:37:14 PM »
Drew and Jay, Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will check the items suggested but I suspect it's just the way the intake flows.

FE Technical Forum / Re: Will a Magnum T56 or TKO fit a 1964 Galaxie
« Last post by blykins on October 15, 2017, 06:18:23 PM »
I have several reasons for disliking the Magnum T-56....

*They are longer, bigger around, and heavier than the TKO 600.  The overall length of the TKO 600 is 31".  The Magnum T-56 is 33.5".  The TKO 600 weighs 105 lbs.  The Magnum T-56 weighs 135. 
*I normally don't list prices here, but Tremec holds everyone to a minimum advertised pricing agreement, so pricing should be the same no matter where you look.  The price on the TKO 600 is $2450.  The price on the Magnum T-56 is $3050. 
*The TKO 600 is rated for 600 lb-ft of continuous torque.  The Magnum T-56 is rated for 700.   I have guys who routinely put more through the TKO 600 than that, by almost 50 lb-ft more.  In addition, the TKO can be upgraded by cryogenically treating the gears and shafts along with REM polishing of the components.  This combination increases the capacity of the TKO by 15% and still makes the TKO cheaper than the T-56.   
*A TKO 600 can easily be used with a mechanical linkage.  The Magnum T-56 can be used with a mechanical linkage as well, but the midplate of the transmission has to be removed and machined for clearance and for the addition of a ball pivot.  This means the transmission can only be used with passenger-side pivoting forks, which means that the fork must move towards the front of the vehicle in order to engage the clutch.   The T-56 is meant to be used with a hydraulic throw out bearing in stock form.   Unless there has been some new R&D done in the past year or so, these two ways are the only ways that I know of for clutch actuation with a '56.   What's bad here is that if you have an engine that needs the torque capacity of a T-56, then you also will need a twin disc clutch if you want it to be a pleasure to drive.  A thicker pressure plate/disc combo exacerbates the clearance issues and necessary modifications.
*Everyone touts the addition of the 6th gear (more is better, right?) of the T-56, but with the careful study of the engine's camshaft, the rearend gear, the tire size, and the available overdrive ratios, you can about put yourself in the same spot with a TKO 600. 
*The TKO 600 can be used with a Toploader bellhousing by shortening the input shaft.   You really have no hope whatsoever of sticking a T-56 up in the same spot as a Toploader.
*When the Magnum T-56 first came out, they had output shaft seal problems, which meant that we had to send out warranty replacements.   Now, to be fair, this isn't an issue now, but just added to the "cons" when these transmissions were new.
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