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FE Technical Forum / Re: 428 piston pics
« Last post by Nightmist66 on Today at 07:49:12 PM »
Paulie, I'm trying to get caught up on your engine. Was this teardown from the concern about the valve lash moving every now and then? I spot what looks like an unhappy cam bearing in the last couple pics. Could explain why the lash moved and why the skirts got scuffed. I also agree a sharp edge on the bottom of the bores is a likely cause as well. Hope you get it resolved.

BTW I did have the one seal end about 3/8" clocked above the deck and the opposing end in the cap clocked 3/8" with a dab of TA-31 on the ends.

I would not put any sealer on the ends of the crank seal, that may have been what caused it. I also do not use any side seals. I fill the channels with TA-31 and install, torque the cap, and force more in until it squeezes out top to bottom. Make sure the cap and block are very clean(obviously), I like going over the surface a couple times with acetone.
Member Projects / Re: 66 Fairlane Reborn
« Last post by Jb427 on Today at 07:18:44 PM »
Cheers people
fresh pic i forgot to add of the borgeson's power steering box you can also see the spacer made for the brake master cylinder.
We are lot softer today.  We want to be able to let out the clutch with little throttle and accelerate immediately.  Nothing wrong with that.  It is just that expectations are very different in 2020 vs. 1970.  It is a half of a century I am talking about so keep that in perspective.  If you are old school, it will be no problem with a close ratio toploader and a moderately low rear gear ratio. 

It is good to see some positive experiences with the CR.

Ideally, I would have a WR small in/small out and maybe go up to a 3.50 gear, as this is a mild 390 and don't really require the big in/out, but this was the deal I fell into. I will likely go with the 3.89. I can still enjoy the CR, but will not be out on the 70MPH interstates for extended driving where I've been known to occasionally fracture speed limit laws-- back roads are far more enjoyable anyways at posted 55MPH. In the end, having a manual trans Galaxie will be cool regardless of some of the "rough" edges. Big block and a four speed-- a partial recipe for bliss.
If the close ratio is so unpopular, as it appears to be given all the negative feedback here, why did Ford put them in the big cars from the factory?

I don't know that CR toploaders are all that unpopular.  You're hearing from a very tiny population and drawing a false conclusion. 

If you simply must have as much torque multiplication as possible starting off, then you need a WR.  Me?  I love my CR box.  It's a custom Kee nodular case big in and out long tail close ratio box.  I could have had David build a WR box at no additional cost but chose the CR box.  I like banging gears in a CR box since you have less RPM drop between gears and I like that roadrace sound running through the gears even when I'm not buzzing it.  I am running a 3.89 gear and I can slip the clutch at idle and the car will easily get rolling.  For a pure street car, I wouldn't have it any other way.

If I was drag racing a lot and was on slicks, or had an engine that made very little torque below 3kRPM, I'd consider that steeper First gear with a WR box.  I had a fairly light weight car with a small but peppy engine, 4.57 gear, and a WR box.  On the street, First gear was useless.  I could leave the throttle at idle and side step the clutch and it would not kill the engine.  I usually started off in Second.  I was running 30" tall slicks and it was great on the strip.  I needed as much gear as I could get.

You still need to figure out your rear ratio.  It would be a disaster to try using a CR box with a 3.0 rear gear unless you're converting to a Power Stroke.

My experience has been more like yours with regards to gear ratios in real world use in street cars.  I have had a couple of combo's where 1st gear was just like a fuzzy idea that could maneuver you to 2nd gear where you could start doing some real work.  I've never had a heavy car like a Galaxie, with a high rear gear, and not a lot of power.  I think that would be bad.

The internet wisdom now seems to be to use huge amounts of gear ratio and huge displacement, but in real life on real street surfaces with real street tires, it's not so simple.  Not too many people actually try to run their machines in the 1/4 in street trim, on the street.

That said, with only 4 gears in a big Galaxie, with some importance placed on highway cruising,  I'd lean to a wide ratio Toploader. 

...........or get two sets of rear tires and wheels and use the close ratio.  Get one set tall (29"?)and one short (26"?), then get a rear gear that compliments both. 


Non-FE Discussion Forum / Re: Nice Pinto
« Last post by Hipopinto on Today at 05:15:27 PM »

Thanks for the compliment

I really like my pinto it’s also one of my favorite cars

My all time favorite car is a 1936 auburn speedster I will never have a real one but a good replica is ok as well

I just love the lines of that one

Non-FE Discussion Forum / Re: Nice Pinto
« Last post by Hipopinto on Today at 05:13:07 PM »
Thompson is my home track

Next time you are out there please let me know so I can meet you!

Non-FE Discussion Forum / Hone overdrive?
« Last post by plovett on Today at 05:08:41 PM »
Anybody ever use a Hone overdrive on their 9 inch Ford?  I know Gearvendors is the thing now, but I like the old school vibe with the giant manual shift lever on the trans tunnel? 

thanks for any experiences or thoughts,

FE Technical Forum / Re: 428 piston pics
« Last post by plovett on Today at 03:13:25 PM »
I plan on boring the block, the minimum amount.  It is currently at 4.155".  I hope to go 4.165" if possible.  I would go 4.160" if that would work.

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