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FE Technical Forum / Re: 65 SOHC Galaxie And 62 483
« Last post by TomP on Today at 11:45:27 PM »
Good job!  So there are the disc brakes and XE numbered exhaust manifolds. It looks like an extra rear suspension upper link too.
Non-FE Discussion Forum / Re: Ford truck for towing
« Last post by Rory428 on Today at 10:34:34 PM »
I have a 97 F250 extended cab, long bed with the 7.3 power stroke diesel, automatic transmission and 411 gears. Has a TS Performance Auto 6 chip in it.  It's a beast of a truck. Last towing I did with it was last fall and hauled in a 1950 Ford F3 pickup. The trailer I hauled it on weighs around 2000lbs.An F3 is no lightweight and driving here in WV got around 12 MPG which I think is pretty darn good.  My truck weighs around 7000lbs empty.
I have towed in the past with my old F150 and there is no comparison to towing with a big heavy truck. This F250 just feels so much safer and you don't even know something is behind you.  On the interstate just set the cruise and let it roll.
I have towed heavier stuff with it and mileage always seems to be around 12MPG which I think is pretty good.

I had always thought that Ford dropped the manual transmissions in F series trucks even earlier than that. I don`t know what manual transmission a 6.4L diesel would come with, but my 99 F350 Dually has a ZF 5  speed, and I really like it. Compared to the old NP435 in my old 74 F350, the ZF has a much more usable 1rst gear, is fully syncronized and has an overdriven 5th.  My truck is not a diesel, rather a 6.8 V10, with 3.73 gears, and rather tall 236/85R16 tires, so I rarely use 5th when towing my 24 foot enclosed trailer, unless its dead flat, at freeway speeds. A much torquier diesel, or more rear gearing would make 5th more useable, although most OD transmissions have smaller, weaker gears for overdrive. No idea what type of ratios the 6 speed manuals have, or if they have 2 overdrives or not.
FE Technical Forum / 65 SOHC Galaxie And 62 483
« Last post by chris401 on Today at 10:25:28 PM »
Saw a number of interesting cars today but I only took a few pictures of these two cars. Visit the auction, see the cars, paper work and decide whats what for yourselves.

Just for purposes of discussion, a couple more cons to using a trailer on Drag Week - it can be tough sometimes finding a place to park you are “comfortable” with at the hotels, since often they are places you are not familiar with, and don’t always know how big their parking lots are, especially if a bunch of other Dragweekers show up at the same place with trailers too. Most people like to park their stuff within view of your room. Another consideration is maneuvering the checkpoints can be difficult with a trailer. Many times the checkpoints have small lots, or tight spaces, or are busy places of business. And often once word gets out Drag Week is coming through the locals show up to watch the action. All the fans being there is cool, but many times they park in what little room the checkpoints might have, and it can be hard to pull through, or back up, etc. The same can be true with maneuvering gas stations, or turning around on the inevitable wrong turn on the route.
Thanks guys.  I would like to try it without a trailer.  Though a '67 Cougar doesn't have a whole lot of storage space.

Non-FE Discussion Forum / Re: Strange axle issue
« Last post by Nightmist66 on Today at 05:54:36 PM »
Both my 35's look like the silver one.....
Non-FE Discussion Forum / Re: Strange axle issue
« Last post by C8OZ on Today at 05:49:46 PM »
My Strange 40-spline were close to your light axle, BUT they were the same.

edit: And disregard, I guess. I just looked and all of their 40 are now black oxided.
Non-FE Discussion Forum / Re: Strange axle issue
« Last post by AlanCasida on Today at 05:38:55 PM »
Hmmm, that is strange(sorry!). Maybe you could take it somewhere that has a Rockwell hardness tester and have it checked.
I went 4 years in my 66 Galaxie without a trailer. It does help to have a car with a BIG trunk. If I had my 'druthers I 'druther take my Mustang without a trailer but I just don't have room. I don't feel safe driving that far on Drag Radials or without a spare tire. Also you try to bring stuff that a parts store isn't likely to have which is almost everything when you are running a pre EFI big block Ford. It did get really old by the end of the week loading/unloading. It will be nice to be able just unhitch all my stuff, slap the slicks on and head to the staging lanes and vice versa when leaving. 
Non-FE Discussion Forum / Strange axle issue
« Last post by jcarlson on Today at 04:15:26 PM »
Received my 33 spline axles from Strange the other day. Something doesn't seem right to me. These are Pro Race 33 spline. The longer axle is silver color and the shorter axle has the usual dark brownish black finish.  I'm concerned that one axle, the silver one, wasn't heat treated. I called Strange and they said it was due to the axles being part of different heat treating batches. I'm hardly convinced. Anyone here have these axles and can share some insight? Otherwise they look great. 
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