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FE Technical Forum / Re: Prototype Adjustable timing chain set
« on: December 15, 2016, 01:01:52 PM »
Ok, I realized it was a long distance thing but didn't know exactly what you had going on.  Thanks for the update, I'll pass it along.

FE Technical Forum / Re: Prototype Adjustable timing chain set
« on: December 15, 2016, 10:57:45 AM »
Jay, what is the release date for ordering?  Have a buddy that has interest.

FE Technical Forum / Re: Thoughts and suggestions on a wide band O2 sensor?
« on: November 28, 2016, 08:34:50 PM »
I just got an Autometer wide band.  I had a $100 gift certificate from my racing and figured I woiud burn it up on one.   They are $199 list so for $100 I got one.  I have a narrow band in my black car with the blower that I bought years ago.  Since I just put it away for the winter I wont be able to play with it til spring.

FE Technical Forum / Re: Timing and vacuum advance - theory and practice?
« on: October 25, 2016, 11:53:05 AM »
I've never had any luck putting any vacuum advance on anything I own.  Even my stock '89 F150/302.  I converted it to carb, put Duraspark ignition on it.  I tried both manifold and ported and it didn't like either.  Ran like crap no matter what I did.  Left it all unhooked.  All the hot rods are mechanical since they don't have enough vacuum to worry about.

Like mentioned I'm sure if you spend some quality time tinkering you can make it work.  Me?  Nope.  Does it idle?  Yes.  Does it go like stink at WOT?  Yes.  Perfect, no other work needed.  ;D

FE Technical Forum / Re: Fe main caps.
« on: October 19, 2016, 09:28:32 AM »
With the tapered sides they cut in the block I'm betting it isn't done an old Bridgeport!!  Thus the pricey cost.
I think it is way overkill for a stock block.  If you want to spend that kind of money you might as well go aftermarket block and get crossbolt caps.

FE Technical Forum / Re: Some LPG expirience?
« on: October 19, 2016, 09:24:42 AM »
LPG is common for a forklift, so can't say it would be difficult to install?  It is becoming more common on transportation vehicles, like buses.  Everyone is trying to "go green".

FE Technical Forum / Re: Fe main caps.
« on: October 17, 2016, 03:35:24 PM »
I was looking at the caps and I would say it would take quite the machining to fit them and doubt that most shops would touch it anyway.
The Program caps are simple compared to these.

FE Technical Forum / Re: Fe main caps.
« on: October 17, 2016, 03:00:20 PM »
Found this:  Bessel Motorsports

They don't list the caps anymore? 

My thoughts exactly. Do a nice, hot leakdown test. Maybe once side at a time, re-warm, do the other side. If all looks good, pull a few valve springs at random for a open/closed test. Or4, just junk them for new one.

If your oil and filter has been good, I'd then skip the bottom end.

Since I only run a "little" .63 flat tappet I don't beat up springs like a roller.  Even at 4 yrs they don't do much but maybe a touch more shim to get them up to spec.  Then another 4 years we put springs in it.  I've been running these heads for 19 yrs now with the same cam.

I think I'll cut the filter and see what it looks like.  The motor still runs about 100# through the lights at 6500 rpm, so it is not getting worn out.  I change the oil once a year, before the season starts.  I used to get concerned with running old cast cranks and that was the real reason I pulled the crank out at 4 yrs to mag it.  With the new forged stroker I'm not so concerned anymore.  Plus I only turn it 6500, not 7500.  Again, it is a bracket motor and I don't care what it runs.  Only that it runs a long time.

Yup, Roger is a good guy you can't take that away.  He just likes to play the bully part sometimes and there are some people that can get offended by it.  You have to know him.  My best friend has the same kind of issue and it irritates some.  I just roll my eyes when he starts spouting off.

FE Technical Forum / Re: Which Oil ? documentation?
« on: October 17, 2016, 11:58:15 AM »
My old stock 352 I ran std Valvoline in it, not VR1.  With the weak stock springs I never saw an issue.   Now the hot rods all get VR1  20w50.

Eric, we ran at Thompson.

That had to sting him a

Oh, if you only knew.  Here's a little back story.  I've known "Roger" for quite a few years, back when I first starting running at Magnolia.  Now, nice guy, but I'll say he is a bit of a bully, or arrogant in a way.  He likes to throw his weight around(big built guy).  He likes to talk smack and try to rattle you.  It doesn't work with me and he knows it.  We run on a ladder for eliminations so your opponent is predetermined.  A couple races back I had to run Roger second round.  He was 4 rounds ahead at that time.  I went .001 RED and gave it away.  I was not happy.  Last race I had to run him second round(ugh, again).  This time I whacked him with a .510 light and put him on the trailer.  Roger runs a '69 Chevelle that goes 8.30's in the 1/4.  He is the quickest car we have in the group.  At that point I knew if I won the next round I had a bye to the final.  I choked and broke out next round(with a .514 light to boot).  So I only gained 1 round on him going into Saturdays race, where my hopes were to be only 1 down or tied.

Second back story:  Roger has a son(Troy) that runs a new Camaro in the street class.  Troy has a son named Conner who just turned 5 this summer.  Now Conner absolutely LOVES my car.  He drags mom/dad down to see me at every race and I MUST wave at him coming down the return road(or I hear about it from dad).  I always go out of my way to stop and pick him up and talk.  Conner wears a dark green shirt(grandpas car is dark green) and it has "Crew Chief" on the back and his name on the front.  I've joked about making him a crew chief shirt with my car on it.  Well, I finally did.  Big picture of my car on the front, name on the pocket,"Official Crew Chief of the coolest drag car in town" on the back.  I signed it also.  Now I told Troy about this and he thought it would drive his dad NUTS and couldn't wait for me to give it to Conner.  Saturday was the PERFECT time to do this with the points chase so tight and Troy knew it would rattle his Dad.  Seems he likes to give his Dad grief whenever possible?  Like Father like son?

So we get to the track Saturday morning and I wave to Troy and his wife Heather brings Conner down to my trailer for the presentation.  Conners eyes lit up and was so happy to get his shirt.  He quickly took grandpas shirt off and put on mine!!!  LOL!!  Perfect(I was worried that Conner might want to wear it that day).  They walk back down through the pits and the group of us all watch to see Rogers reaction.  Uhhh, it was PRICELESS!!!   Roger grabs Conner and comes running back up to my trailer all puffed up!!!  LOL!!  Now it was all fun(he surely didn't want to yell at Conner for wearing a shirt that was given to him--even if it was me).  We all laughed and joked around.  Conner spent the day showing that shirt off to everyone.   Lots of people kept stopping to tell me about it.

After I beat Roger, Roger and Conner came up on their 4 wheeler.  Conner stuck out his hand and congratulated me, though you could see the tears in his eyes because grandpa lost.  How priceless.

Roger and I both had two championships, this will be his third.

As for motor?  I don't run it hard(as most may) and it is all bracket racing and making stuff last is my number one priority.  I should do a leak down just to see if anything is noticeable?  With old flat tappet camshaft I don't beat up rockers and springs.  I used to unload the valvetrain over winter but quit doing that.  I used to pull the heads off every two years and didn't do that.  I used to go through the bottom end every 4 years so that is on track.  In my 20 years I've never really had any issues with bearings.  They always look brand new even after 300+ passes.

Well, we had the final points race yesterday.  The 12th annual "Gear Jammers Bash", aka "Dave and Nona Breedlove Memorial race".

I was 4 rounds behind #1 going into the race.  That means I had to win and he go out round 1 for me to get around him.  Well, half of that happened.  I won.  ;)   Unfortunately #1 in points made it to the final also.  That means he had the championship wrapped up.  I did win the final to take home all the marbles, a nice payout and 30 gals of fuel.   It was a very tough 5 rounds, and with a little luck I pulled it off.  With only a couple classes running it was basically round robin all afternoon. 

Not that I'm ready for a 7 month nap, but don't have much choice in the matter.  Likely go through the engine this winter.  I'm on my fourth season and that is after 35 passes on the dyno to start off.  I haven't even had the valve covers off since that first summer(haven't check valve lash or anything).  Few oil changes and couple sets of plugs.  Not bad for an old dump truck engine.  Ran 10.9's at 121 mph yesterday.  No different then 4 years ago.

FE Technical Forum / Re: 427 crossbolt spacers
« on: October 16, 2016, 09:21:07 PM »
Guess I didn't work hard enough at my spacers.  They fit fine, guess they aren't all "that" exact as everyone else mentioned.  Little sanding to fit and after 15 yrs it hasn't been an issue.  If that .001 difference really make much difference then I'm screwed.  I'm thinking the block walls moves around that much without trying.  As long as the main bores are done after install I don't think it is that big of an issue.  Just my .03.

I did mark them so they can't get moved around, though they only fit one side as my block is custom machined(by myself) and one side is longer then the other.

Ya, that and I don't have $2K for a fancy overdrive kind of transmission.  :(

The black car isn't quite as bad with 3.89 gears and 275/60/15 tires.  It is about 3000 RPM at 65 mph.  It just kinda settles in and doesn't really care.

I remember, way back when I bought my new '99 V10 CC DRW truck to pull my trailer and with 4.30 gears I had thoughts of putting a GV on it.  But, again, the cost was prohibitive.  Funny how money makes a lot of my decisions??    ;)

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