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FE Technical Forum / Re: 400+ lbs. flat tappet cam
« on: October 19, 2020, 09:37:13 PM »
Great news !!

Have ya pulled a spring and checked the retainers and keepers for wear ??


Non-FE Discussion Forum / Non ethanol gas in a 352
« on: October 19, 2020, 06:56:08 PM »
Drained old gas and put in 7 gallons on non ethanol gas from Buccee's

Pump said 91 regular
EDIT:   I think Shell regular is 87 .....Been running regular from Shell, was running great with 12 BTDC

With the non ethanol I had to crank the timing to 20 BTDC

Runs great, starts fine, no ping in hi gear at 25 MPH with pedal to the floor

352 is original to the 65 F100, factory pistons, heads are C0 and C1 ( machine shop switched heads on me 25 years ago )


Had a 67 Barracuda with an 8 to 1 360, filled it up with av gas and had to crank timing way up just to get home

Am I wrong in thinking the Buccee's gas is higher octane than the Shell regular or is the ethanol diluting the Shell regular perhaps ??


FE Technical Forum / Re: 400+ flat tappet cam
« on: October 19, 2020, 06:47:01 PM »
Top pic ( lifter ) ... the round inner shaded circle was where they were spinning ??

Still have a dome ??


Non-FE Discussion Forum / Re: CNC video
« on: October 17, 2020, 10:05:43 PM »
Darn !!!   that was hard to watch ....


Non-FE Discussion Forum / CNC video
« on: October 17, 2020, 05:07:30 PM »

This ... but ya have to fly down to drive it ....  ;)


Non-FE Discussion Forum / Re: 2020 racing season in a nutshell....
« on: October 12, 2020, 08:36:41 PM »
Yay Larry !!


Hey :-)

I believe 67 and up trucks went to the tongue type fork

I forgot what year cars changed while I was researching,  seems some 66' had tongue type fork

The 6 cylinder pivot brackets look different to me than the V8 pivots as well


Thanks :-)

Found both .... may even buy a boot for it ...


My 65 F100 has the wire that holds the clutch release fork to the bellhousing

Were the 65 cars the same way ??

I wish to convert the 65 F100 to a later fork with the tang on the fork

 Got this from NumberDummy:

The C3AZ7515C is the wire style fork. D0TZ7515A is the later style Train was talking about.

And the fork pivot bracket was part number C8AZ7522A. Replaced by C8AZ7522B. Discontinued. But the D0TZ7515A has a divot in it for the rod to PUSH it
Hey guys. I can help here. OP, look at the back of your clutch fork. If there is a tongue shaped spring on it that fits in to a rectangular hole in the trunnion then it is fork number D0TZ7515A and trunnion number C8AZ7522A. If there are opposing holes in the fork for that crazy glorified piece of coat hanger wire number C6AZ7562A to attach it to the trunnion and be an anti rattle spring,then it is B9AZ7522A trunnion and C3AZ7515C fork.


Any have the parts and wish to sell ??

Finally getting time to redo the old truck ...


  ... by the way ... that is one cool looking mill


 Bucees 15 miles from me has no ethanol 92 grade

They are 15 miles from Galveston Isle, lots of folks fuel their boats up there

Seems you canna sell non ethanol in the city but can if in the county between cities

Just a thought




Thanks guys  :)

I read a memo online that Super Tec was valvoline rebadged

I filled it up with that and ran it on jackstands, drained and refilled and drove it a few miles, will drain it and put some hi zoot oil with additive in it

65 F100, 370,000 miles or so, never had the housing out to clean really good
( cleaned the housing tubes with a bottle brush and solvent, then the housing with solvent 4 times )


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