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FE Technical Forum / 428 Ductile sleeve
« on: October 26, 2020, 08:41:04 PM »
Anyone know the OD on a Darton Sleeve for a 428 ? OR should I say one that would be used on a 428 for std bore ???


So I have a 427 Marine thats seen some action and is now at .050 over . I am sure this question has been asked here but times change and so does technology and information so im going to put it out there again. Ive got wall thicknesses all over the map in this but all the cylinders have thin spots hovering around .090 .
What is the minimum wall thickness that anyone in this position has successfully run one of these at without grouting the block ? I am talking power levels above 650 HP and compression around 11.5 . With an occasional sniff of smelling salts.... When that all fails . What sleeves have yielded the best results ?
Thanks for your time.

FE Technical Forum / Headers
« on: June 10, 2018, 02:11:31 PM »
Im not new to the forum but have certainly been inactive for many years . Getting back into this has been interesting to say the least.
One of the areas that seems to have very scattered information is Headers .

I am putting together my 70R code Mach and I have opted for the Borgenson steering box on it (Always hated the ford system).
Has anyone on here done this with a set of headers with 2" primary's ?

The set of Dougs headers I have seems close but they of course are plagued with other issues such as auto pilot when the front wheels are hanging after launch . I saw a set of Crites headers on a mustang that was on Ebay but the pics were limited. I did notice however that they put a dip in the tubes near the drag link to keep the tie rods from falling out on them under acceleration.

So who makes the perfect 2" header for 428 mustangs that actually fit the car and perhaps clear a borgenson steering box ?

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