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Non-FE Discussion Forum / Non ethanol gas in a 352
« on: October 19, 2020, 06:56:08 PM »
Drained old gas and put in 7 gallons on non ethanol gas from Buccee's

Pump said 91 regular
EDIT:   I think Shell regular is 87 .....Been running regular from Shell, was running great with 12 BTDC

With the non ethanol I had to crank the timing to 20 BTDC

Runs great, starts fine, no ping in hi gear at 25 MPH with pedal to the floor

352 is original to the 65 F100, factory pistons, heads are C0 and C1 ( machine shop switched heads on me 25 years ago )


Had a 67 Barracuda with an 8 to 1 360, filled it up with av gas and had to crank timing way up just to get home

Am I wrong in thinking the Buccee's gas is higher octane than the Shell regular or is the ethanol diluting the Shell regular perhaps ??


Non-FE Discussion Forum / CNC video
« on: October 17, 2020, 05:07:30 PM »

My 65 F100 has the wire that holds the clutch release fork to the bellhousing

Were the 65 cars the same way ??

I wish to convert the 65 F100 to a later fork with the tang on the fork

 Got this from NumberDummy:

The C3AZ7515C is the wire style fork. D0TZ7515A is the later style Train was talking about.

And the fork pivot bracket was part number C8AZ7522A. Replaced by C8AZ7522B. Discontinued. But the D0TZ7515A has a divot in it for the rod to PUSH it
Hey guys. I can help here. OP, look at the back of your clutch fork. If there is a tongue shaped spring on it that fits in to a rectangular hole in the trunnion then it is fork number D0TZ7515A and trunnion number C8AZ7522A. If there are opposing holes in the fork for that crazy glorified piece of coat hanger wire number C6AZ7562A to attach it to the trunnion and be an anti rattle spring,then it is B9AZ7522A trunnion and C3AZ7515C fork.


Any have the parts and wish to sell ??

Finally getting time to redo the old truck ...




Non-FE Discussion Forum / .. differential gear oil .... what do yall use ??
« on: September 29, 2020, 10:49:50 PM »
Non-synthetic 80w90 GL-5 oil treated with Auburn Gear friction additive

The above is what Auburn advises for their cone type LSD

Any have a favorite brand or good results ??


Daddy is thinking of selling his 70 LTD and MKZ Lincoln

Something with auto, power steering, AC that works

Not a show car but no rust or fixer upper, small block preferable ( he has a heavy right foot )

Can be a 2 barrel, something that needs no paint or interior work, 4 door is ok as well

He is 96 and stills shops, cleans, cooks, works on the cars and stuff around the house


Private Classifieds / 1 piece valve spring retainers
« on: September 06, 2020, 08:50:57 PM »
Any know where to purchase 1 piece valve spring retainers ??

Dont need fancy, something such as Ford used ... around 500 lift 5,000 rpm or so

All out of 1 piece and have only factory 2 piece left


Is there a formula for filter area for cubic inches ??

Took the insides out of my 65 F100 oil bath filter, nothing worked to keep oil from getting on intake

This filter will fit without crowding the air coming in, may include some holes or slots as well

Filter  paper.. Wix

3.910 tall

9.390 OD

6.660 ID

2.73 thick


Houston, Webster, Pearland, Galveston, etc area

Gave most of my FE stuff away, went to good homes though

Have all nice parts except block to build a 352 for my 65 F100 while I decide on a bigger mill

Still runnin the original block with a cheap rebuild 25 years ago, had over 300,000 miles on it

Had 2 ridges, first from top rings, second ridge from second rings

All of the top rings were broken in several places, 3 or 4 of the second rings were broken

Had to use a large rat tail file to cut the top ridge's down so the ridge reamer would work

Reason I rebuilt the original mill is a interesting story

I bought 352 short block that came from an automotive school from a guy my Daddy worked with

This was according to my Daddy's friend, a donated mill from Ford

He said they gave it to him as they had problems with oiling or such , his story, not mine

Used to be, main's had inserts with oil holes and 5 without, yall see where this is goin

Pulled the main caps and the inserts were orientated wrong

The block and all looked new, was gonna use it to replace my worn out block

There was an old guy in the neighborhood that came around looking for scrap, that was his living

I always saved a pile for him as did others, one day he showed up and I told him what he could take

The scrap pile was on the side of my garage, the 352 short block was in front of the 3rd garage door

I told him not to take the short block as it was for my truck, he was always jolly and said of course

After he left, I went outside and the short block was gone

The old man had somehow gotten the short block into his station wagon and drove off with it

He never came around again, I would have still helped him..


FE Technical Forum / Intake and exhaust valve size for street vehicle
« on: August 05, 2020, 03:18:37 AM »
65 F100 ... 3300 lbs..... 4 speed or C6 ... 3.75 gears

.040 over 390 block... 390 or 428 crank ( keep changing my mind )

1 3/4" full length headers, ported Edelbrock 390 Performer intake, any carb, any mufflers/pipes....  any cam

Nice set of D2 heads... have stock size valves and CJ size valves

Not gonna turn the mill much over 5,000 rpm.. if ever .... want the mill to pull hard in any gear

Will drive on weekends, to shows/cruise ins ... etc ..

What does the forum think on valve size and cam, carb  ??


FE Technical Forum / Fe mill with C4 trans .... JPT bell or COM bell
« on: July 19, 2020, 10:12:16 PM »
Any run a C4 with a JPT bell or a modified COM bell ??

Curious as to what converter would be used

My JPT bell was modified to fit an 184 tooth FE flywheel

What flywheel would one run in a JPT bell if it was not modified ??

Does the converter need to be FE on the crank side and C4 on the trans/pump side ??


Non-FE Discussion Forum / Any use LARES for rebuilt gear boxes ??
« on: July 06, 2020, 04:41:28 PM »
Gear box on my 65 F100 is worn out

Have to tighten the thrust once a year to get the slack out

Looking to get a rebuilt/new,good used one


Sorry guys... was not clear and should have added more to the post

Gonna put the T10 in my 65 F100/352 and drive a few hundred miles to make sure it is sound

Then I will sell it, I test drive most things unless I sell as a core

Have a new 3/4  hub/slider/keys/springs.......  1/2 hub and slider are snug, no slack

Thought I would try a torque lock 1/2 slider with new keys and springs along with all new bearings and such

The synchro teeth on the gears look nice

Any shift a T10 with torque lock sliders ??

Wondering if there are any cons to using a torque lock slider


Ed Hamburger and his Dusters

340 .. 4.04 bore ... 3.31 stroke ... 2.02 intake ... 10.5 comp.

360 .. 4.00 bore ... 3.58 stroke .. 1.88 intake .. 8.4 comp.

Ed allowed the cars ran almost equal times due to the 360's 20 extra cubes, the 1.88 intake helping low end power


Non-FE Discussion Forum / WAY off topic smoke/fire detectors
« on: June 09, 2020, 06:00:11 PM »
What do yall use for smoke/fire detectors please

I see there are detectors that detect smoke and fire and some that detect 3 things, cant remember the third thing

Dont want to hardwire them, want battery operated ones

This is for a 2 story home


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