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At different times two older mechanics have identified my truck as a former Uhaul fleet truck. It may or may not have had other mirrors on it but these rough markings infront of both vent windows are very similar. Can anyone identify my current mirrors?

FE Technical Forum / 65 SOHC Galaxie And 62 483
« on: May 23, 2019, 10:25:28 PM »
Saw a number of interesting cars today but I only took a few pictures of these two cars. Visit the auction, see the cars, paper work and decide whats what for yourselves.

FE Technical Forum / Full And Intermediate Engine Codes
« on: May 16, 2019, 11:55:26 PM »
From a couple of books I have. Feel free to add the ones I am missing.

Supposed to a Camper Special chassis. The vin on the frame is F10YK806186. Unless there is something I do not know this does not tell the build details without the original records. It is a 3.54 ratio and has resistance turning one raised wheel.

3.54 gears. Has resistance when you raise one wheel and turn it. The owner told me this was an F-100 Camper Special. Seems reasonable if the rear, shocks and NP435 are factory. Pictured are the numbers it has on the right rear tube. These are not any BOM numbers I could find on line. Anyone else know?

Non-FE Discussion Forum / Better 370, 429 Or 460 Exhaust Manifold?
« on: May 01, 2019, 01:06:50 PM »
I am looking at adapting a pair of factory iron 385 family manifolds to my pickup's 430 MEL. From what I have seen and heard it seems the MEL factory manifolds are prone to crack.  At this time I do not have anything to work with other than the 1/2" steell adaptor plate. I do not remember a lot of manifold issues from the fuel injected era or the big truck with the 370.  Any recommendations?

I picked up a running 65 430 engine and transmission today. If I refrain from pulling mobile homes or D9s would this be a stout transmission behind a 430 in an F-250 with 3.54 gears? Not real interested in an automatic pickup but it is supposed to be a good unit.

I am looking at a pair of FE bell housing marine 430s from a 63 boat. I may buy the complete pair with the Paragon transmissions but I do not want to sit on them till they move. I may just buy the engines or pass on them all together. The owner would be willing to deal with anyone directly. It depends on the condition of the standard rotation engine if I buy them or not. I would likely strip the all the marine parts off of the one engine and get rid of the rest.


I thought all the FE's had the crook, that is what I have been running. I have a fuel/vacuum pump off a 332 FE with a straight arm like the AC 41057 I pulled from another FE. Is the crook arm based off the high volume FE pumps?

The original 16 spline Dana 60 that came in the 65 F-250 is the smallest 3/4 ton axle I have personally owned. No problems with the 352 towing up to 19,000 gvw. Like any other Dana I remember the fat end has the splines and are cut no deeper than the shaft itself. Gearing will be 3.54 and would like to keep the original Dana 60 axle. I know bolt in 70s are out there. If I cut anything to fit it will be a Sterling 10.25".

Excluding the rock crawlers has anyone here had problems with a farm/highway towing Dana 60 behind 500lbs of towing torque?

The wheels are tubless 9-22.5. Before those go I would like to make use of the rest of the truck. Body parts will be easy to move. I will probably cut the passenger door up for pieces. Are these frames and axles a very popular conversion for earlier trucks?

Tag ID courtesy of "FarmMotorSports" from Slick60's.

174" wheel base
 M Corinthian white, often resprayed over for fleet  vehicles
F600  no explanation needed
81A    cab trim level , standard cab?
J 5-speed M/D Clark 250 direct(m/d =medium duty) direct- no over drive
F2 2-speed rear Axel 6.33/8.81 15M duty rating
17,000 gvr
153 HP (  300 6cyl ?)
@3600 RPM
51??  district sales

Non-FE Discussion Forum / 7.3 Or 460 ZF To 61-68 MEL?
« on: February 27, 2019, 08:23:47 PM »
Anyone have a Ford 460 or 7.3 ZF and a 61-68 MEL laying around? Pictures?

Non-FE Discussion Forum / AC M4007 Fuel Pump Rebuild And Modification
« on: February 19, 2019, 07:40:37 PM »
If 1G26 is the date code it is a July 26, 1961 pump up for a rebuild. All else in the kit seems to be correct but it looks like I have a diaphragm for the vacuum pump. Going to have the main body opened up for 3/8" line.

Were there factory fuel canister type AC fuel pumps with 3/8" lines?

Were factory 391 fuel pumps rebuildiable AC pumps? (That would solve the main body issue.)

With the factory rocker arm and pin position is there any other way to get more volume?

Non-FE Discussion Forum / What Kids Do To These Days
« on: January 06, 2019, 10:15:47 AM »
kids do certain things simply because it annoys the prior generation.   It has been that way since the dawn of time....

I robbed the above from another post that is in danger of being derailed.

My personal worst was the skater haircut and blasting annoying music.The fad I never did get was the sagging pants. That is some stupid thing my generation started in the late 80's. You see adults(?) and kids still doing this today. The ones roaming the streets make no sense. Not all kids are bad or scared enough to carry a gun. They just lack common sense. How do the fight or run from a fight while holding up there pants? I think the fad is more "look how little sense we have".

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