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Finally got off my sitting position and put the old tunnel ram on top of the 351C in the Falcon.  Got it partially tamed, more tinkering needed but it seems to like it.  Still idling a bit high but idle mix is 10~12 in/hg which is normal for this cam, so I'm not far off.  Maybe need to re-set the carb blades and such.  Got ti running last night and will pull the carbs later and see where the slots, etc are before doing more changes.

Non-FE Discussion Forum / Any Ford insiders able to look up an FSA?
« on: February 25, 2020, 09:13:39 PM »
We like the new truck - however, got a notice via Ford Pass tonight, and confirmed with a lookup on - FSA 20U04 - ENGINE REPLACEMENT.  Not off to a good start, but will ask the dealer if I can keep the old motor for my race car. 

Non-FE Discussion Forum / X-Plan question
« on: January 06, 2020, 10:30:21 AM »
Just wondering out loud - we're going to talk to the fleet manager at the local Ford dealer tomorrow about a truck.  We would like to get a 2020 F-350 DRW 7.3L gas 4x2 with a decent interior.  These type of trucks do not exist in Texas - literally.  Everything within 150 miles either 2019 or 2020 is diesel and 4x4.  There is one 202 XTS optioned truck (also diesel/4x4) on the local lot and the rest are either stripper diesels with vinyl or XLT, Lariat or King Ranch.  Even Houston doesn't have a 4x2 gas, and Mack has line 300 vehicles on the lot.  Same with Southwest Ford in Weatherford, another big dealer.  These things are way expensive, Build & Price is coming in between $48,500~53,000 depending on options picked.  Fleet guy says - and I concur - that Build & Price is pretty lame about really doing a decent config.  That's seems to be back up by the 2020 Super Duty Ordering Guide I downloaded.  It's also backed up by looking at window stickers and noting that pricing on things like "Ultimate tow" and even the diesel option carry different pricing than Build & Price.  Just curious if begging for an "X-Plan" number is worth anything.  Wife, who has worked for big Ford dealers in the past, says likely not as it all has to do with floor plan, volume, discounts for that dealer, etc. We're just trying to get numbers together right now to see if we can even make it happen.   Have to give up the new 2019 Escape Titanium to do it, so it'll be kinda painful.  But mucho better for pulling that big trailer.  Thanks for any insight.

FE Technical Forum / FYI- Total Performance selling out inventory
« on: December 06, 2019, 10:35:43 PM »
Just FYI- check their Facebook page.  I see lots of FE stuff.

Non-FE Discussion Forum / TEN ceases publication of 19 titles
« on: December 06, 2019, 02:12:45 PM »
Of the 22 in print, 3 will remain.

[‎12/‎6/‎2019 1:02 PM] 
David Freiburger 
1 hr · 
Today is a day we’ve all dreaded. With the exception of Motor Trend, Hot Rod, and Four Wheeler, TEN Publishing will cease the print products of its magazine brands. These titles will continue as web sites and social media accounts, and major investments are being made in digital, so the editors may keep their jobs to continue with that content. As a lifelong fan of print who made his career as a magazine editor, this is a devastating heartbreak of a day—but not a surprise. 19 magazines will stop being printed. This closure of print was not a decision made by the MotorTrend company. Also, this does not affect the MotorTrend app or online video.


"The problem for the workers is clear: The electric motors that will power those new vehicles have far fewer moving parts than traditional internal combustion engines and the transmissions that go with them.

Building a traditional powertrain is the most labor-intensive part of building a car. Building an electric car requires about 30% less labor than building a traditional gasoline powered car with its engine, fuel system, transmission and other complex parts, according to estimates from Ford (F) and other industry experts."


Full title:
"RacingJunk: This Dual Quad Intake And Carb Setup For A 1967 428 Shelby Mustang Has Never Been Out Of The Box!"

Non-FE Discussion Forum / Any guess on year maybe year range of this F350
« on: October 22, 2018, 02:21:58 PM »
Looks like it's been in the same spot for maybe 3 years or so.  Thinking about stopping and asking about it.  Could be a nice truck, may be a buy if broken.

Buying a 2017 Escape Titanium with 30K, shopping for a 100K/6y extended - ESP Premium. advertises around $1200, selling dealer here want's $1800.  Any other hints appreciated.  Time to dump the Fusion Hybrid.  Thanks!

FE Technical Forum / Paging Drew - quickie dual 1850 cal
« on: September 09, 2018, 02:14:11 PM »
I can't seem to find the post with all the 1850 data.  If you have a minute, would you be able to post a quick & dirty 1850 calibration.  Going to put them on for Cruise Night and maybe a trip to the strip later.  Provided the wife can see over them.  The misses also drive the car and is reserving judgement on the whole thing LOL.  Weiand ram on the 351C.  I'm actually thinking they may work just fine for that with the box stock Holley jetting.  I have a pair of older plates I can drill for the back if you think necessary.  Plenty of pin drills here down to #80.  Thanks!

FE Technical Forum / Carb question - waking up old 700 DP
« on: August 06, 2018, 09:32:18 AM »
Maybe get a reading from our local carb guys on this idea.  Background - the dragster runs good, sorting out all the little stuff.  Making a bit over 500HP, shifting at 6800.  Brent says I'm not spinning it high enough yet LOL.   It's inconsistent between 60' and 330'.  Incremental is real good between 330' and 660'.  I feel like its a carb issue because it'll pick up and not change 60' enough to warrant the 330' increase.  I can also feel it "not pull just right" sometimes on the way to high gear.  Burnouts and staging RPM are consistent.  In the heat we expect maybe .02 variation in 60', but that doesn't explain a 330 going from 3.74 to 3.68 in the same lane 45 minuets apart.  330-660 is good - 3.68 i the middle means 5.68 on top.  3.74=5.74, etc.

Have a built up "750" using Quick fuel blocks, ProForm base and such.  It's a little fat but it is hot here.  Have no idea what's in the thing, I need to tear it down and get a measure on the details.  Pretty sure I ran the blocks as delivered.  The main thing is that I'm not trusting it's anywhere close to right.

Option 1 - have a local guy that has built a methanol carb.  He has an excellent rep and several cars run his stuff and you can set your watch by the ETs.  No oil milking, no issues.  However, only have one TnT left before football season and I'm loathe to turn the fuel apple cart over on one single test.  Have to engineer an air bleed setup, get top lube and get some test fuel - everything else should be in place to run alcohol.  Plenty of pump, plenty of lines, carb in the wrapper ready to mount.

Option 2 - have this nice old 4778 700DP.  Date code is 2nd week May, 1972.  Near as I can tell it's original.  From looking at the specs, I can probably put 4776 blocks on it (have plenty) and jet it to 4778-2 up specs.  It has some interesting looking straight leg stepped boosters.  So that's really the Q - would it worth while to tinker with the 700 and try that since I can't really trust the home brew frakencarb on this motor.  I have a nice 650DP on the door car that runs very consistent so that's why I pulled the 700 out of the box and started looking at it.  Interestingly, out of all the carb piles I have here there is not one stocker 4779. 

Opinions welcome.

Private Classifieds / FYI - Holley 1550 for Merc
« on: July 16, 2018, 12:44:20 PM »
This came across my email, passing on in case anyone has interest

"Original complete 1958 Ford Mercury 332 CI V8 Holley list 1550 EDC G carburetor"

Needs driver's side or would take a good pair.  Anybody got a source?  Thanks! 

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