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Private Classifieds / Comp Hydraulic Roller
« on: July 17, 2021, 10:24:36 AM »
New in box Comp hydraulic roller, billet core roller I bought from Brent.  Nice size for healthy 400ci+ deal.  251/253* @ .050”, .643/.624 110lsa.  $400 shipped

Non-FE Discussion Forum / AFR acquired by equity group
« on: July 02, 2021, 09:30:04 AM »
I've seen this announced in a few places, sucks to see it happen as I always thought AFR made a quality product (even though none for FE).  Sometimes these PE firms leave well enough alone, but majority of the time they start looking at the margins, and the only way a quality head like AFR can go is down.  Cheaper valves/locks/springs, larger stepover spec on the CNC'ing...they'll start chipping away at the quality IMO.  Seems like much of the aftermarket is going this way as the old brands are bought up.   

"Air Flow Research is excited to announce that Taglich Private Equity, LLC (TPE) has acquired AFR. TPE is a lower middle-market PE firm that specializes in recapitalizations, management buyouts, and majority equity investments, targeting manufacturing, business services and consumer products companies. Taglich looks to partner with management teams that can take advantage of their expertise and background in order to optimize their company's growth potential and create long-term value.

AFR’s management team and employees will continue to operate out of its Valencia, CA facility, continuing to provide high quality, performance cylinder heads, service, parts, and machining associated with the AFR brand. Nothing will change; it will be business as usual. As President, Board Member and significant investor, Rick will continue to be involved with the organization, ensuring the foundation that his family and employees have built over the past 50 years will flourish under TPE’s guidance.

Taglich and AFR are excited about the growth prospects both organically and through future acquisitions of other aftermarket performance companies."

I saw these last year at the FE Reunion but haven't seen/heard of anyone running a set yet?  The OEM high risers seem to run great, anxious to see what an updated port with a filled floor will do.   I know Blue Thunder made some sets with filled floors but they haven't been available for years, and if I recall they required bespoke rockers? 

Non-FE Discussion Forum / #%!?!+%#! Gas caps!!!
« on: April 20, 2021, 07:34:54 PM »
This is the second time Ive had this issue with gas caps on older Ford vehicles.  As Ford liked to do, at some point they changed the depth of the ears thst engaged the inner locking flange on the filler neck.  Some are 1/4ish” deep, some are 1/2ish”.  I had the same issue with my Merc that no matter where I ordered it, they’d send the shallow eared model.  Having same issue with a cap for my Fairlane now, it has the deep locking ring but I e bought two from different sources and both were shallow ear models.  Anyone been through this and know when they switched and where I can find the right cap?

Non-FE Discussion Forum / Vapor lock with different carb?
« on: April 13, 2021, 07:22:58 PM »
Fairlane I picked up a couple weeks back had a nice Pro Systems 850 on it but owner didn’t include with the deal, but let me use it to get the car home as carb that was on it needed a rebuild.  I had an AED 750 HO on the shelf, basically new, so threw that on it.  It runs great but I’ve discovered it vapor locks BAD.  Did it the other day rolling 50mph on a 80* day, several times bad enough to stall the engine while running along at 2500rpm.  I pulled the air cleaner figuring it may be acting as a heat sink, it seems to have boiled over so bad it shot gas out the vents and hit the underside of the hood.  I insulated the fuel line and drove it today, vapor locked again in 66* weather with engine at 180* just hitting two stoplights. 

Just put the 850 back on it, ran the same exact route, stopped and let it get to 200* and shut it down to heat soak, let it sit for five minutes and started it.  Ran absolutely fine on the way home, so I’m convinced it’s the carb and not general heat soak issue with the fuel line specifically 

Anyone experienced this kind of issue going from a Holley to another Holley?  I have a thick insulating carb pad to try but I’m not confident, it’s doing it on very mild days while moving so can’t imagine this’ll be enough but we will see.  Any ideas what else to check??  Already checked fuel pressure, it was actually down to 3psi as fuel was boiling, 7-8 normally

Non-FE Discussion Forum / Joined the dark side...
« on: March 20, 2021, 03:51:16 PM »
Heartless, soulless, heavy, non-LeMans winning 460.....the shame. 

Private Classifieds / WTB 73-86 9” truck rear
« on: October 18, 2020, 05:46:07 PM »
Just looking for a truck rear 65” hub to hub, ratio doesn’t matter, don’t really even need the center section.  Anywhere in mid atlantic

Non-FE Discussion Forum / New non-FE project
« on: October 06, 2020, 12:30:36 PM »
Been looking for something to house a 408W and Performance Automatic C4 that I've had a LONG time.  Was targeting an F100 because I don't mind "patina" trucks and wanted something that wouldn't break the bank and could be built fairly quickly, after a year or so casual search this poppped up 3mi from my house.  Owner is pulling the engine/trans, I'll pick it up in ~2wks.  Front cab mounts and door pillars have already been fixed, I'll be fixing some relatively minor rust in the rear quarters and front of the bed, typical for these trucks.  Compared to others I've looked at in this area, in this price range, it's a solid truck.  Crown Vic frontend already tacked in.  I'm planning to put a 4 link in it and 4whl disks to make a nice little shop truck. 

408W was originally built for a street/strip fox body Capri so it's a bit snottier than what I'd build for the truck, but it's what I have on hand.  242/250* hydro roller, 4500rpm I'll put 4.10 in the truck and it will be a short run shop truck kind of deal.  Engine made 570hp/535ftlbs, think the truck will come in around 3700lbs so shouldn't be too heavy for the combo. 

No real plans to paint it, repainted with some type of cheapie "thick" paint so it's not a patina truck, just ugly.  Want to run some American Gasser or Rocket Injector wheels so keep it old school appearing.  My Merc was not a full frame off, I'm excited to do a frame off on the truck, much easier as it can be taken apart in pieces.  I've never done a full wiring harness so this will get a Painless/Ron Francis/AAW type deal, which will make it easy to run an in tank electric pump and electric fans, and radio...I'm not a big gadget guy so that's about it. 

Non-FE Discussion Forum / Where to find classic cars online?
« on: September 21, 2020, 08:08:32 AM »
I haven't really been in the market for a new ride in awhile, but am fairly tuned in to some of the old resources.   Issue is, it just seems that Ebay/Autotrader/Classic which used to be resources, are just flooded with classic dealers, which have ridiculous pricing and dubious cars.  Looks to me at least in this area, Craigslist has dried up.   Facebook Marketplace is decent if looking for a project and is basically the new Craigslist in essence, but I'm looking for a finished car for my father to use, and just don't see too many nice cars on there.  I'm on a lot of the "classic car market" sites on Facebook as well, but you can't search/categorize, have to scroll through posts to find cars and it's tough to do regionally. 

BringATrailer is the best resource I've seen lately, but they just don't move much volume. 

So, is there any site out there that I'm missing, or just a matter of having to keep combing those I've listed?

FE Technical Forum / Canadian CJ Heads
« on: September 14, 2020, 02:57:24 PM »
I knew about Canadian CJ heads, but really hadn't bothered to know any details because of their rarity.  Saw a set of Dove Canadian CJs this weekend, they were hurt but a fair price and kind of cool being so unique.  Only info I can gather is they flow something like 320cfm intake, and the intake port is somewhere between a Low Riser and High Riser as far as physical size. 

Anyone on here run them or know much about them?  I'm guessing even if bought at a bargain price, modern stuff is more logical, but I do like unique or vintage stuff if not going for every last bit of performance.

Also, no need to comment on Dove, issues are known ad nauseum, really just wanted info on the port/chamber differences.

FE Technical Forum / Ported C1AE's for my shadetree 352
« on: September 11, 2020, 08:32:04 PM »
In another thread, I described a 352 I'm working on.  Quick summary, it's an old 352 shortblock my father ran in a dirt track stocker in the mid 60s.  352 block and crank, LeMans rods, Jahns 332 pistons, 246* HiRiser FoMoCo cam, and it has one C3 427 head and a C1 generic head on it when I got it.  It also has two .050" cylinders and the rest are .040", with .040" pistons all around...this is definitely a cheapie build but I want to keep it as is for my father.

I bought another C1 head and tried my hand at porting the intake ports, then sent off to Les Schmader to look over and make sure I didn't screw them up, and do guides/valvejob and ported the exhaust as I didn't have time to finish up.  I cobbled together spring/retainer/lock package from TFS takeoffs, and Ferrea 11/32" 2.15/1.65 valves. 

Les said the ports were ok, he did clean up the guide as I just couldn't get a cutter on them that didn't chatter like hell, otherwise my shape was used.  He smoothed them up a bit but they're definitely not as nice as his work I saw in the shop and on the exhausts he did, I definitely need to get a steadier hand.  Admittedly, I didn't go through a lot of calcs to get throat size to match CI and flow requirements, this is my first port work besides some 460 exhaust port work to remove thermactor humps, so I just wanted to dig in and get a feel for it.  I did try to widen the short turn to slow it down over the low floor, and raise the roof a bit.  I didn't touch the floor other than knock casting flash and junk off.  I worked on a "bump" in the vertical wall short turn quite a bit as it forms a "ski jump" in the middle of the port, and some rough transitions into the bowl.  I did take out the bumps for the rocker bolts, which seems to be a mixed opinion on these, but I wanted to raise the roof and they have to come out to do so.  Learned a lot, learned I really don't have a smooth hand with the grinder yet, and want to keep doing more now that I've recovered. 

Immediate things I notice with the closeups, how chewed up the port edges look, need to keep the cutter moving.  Also, the corners are getting too much grinder time and there is less metal taken on the flat surfaces causing a "bow" on long flat surfaces.  Not sure it hurts flow or not, but something to try to improve on. 

.200   168cfm    115cfm
.300   250cfm    155cfm
.400   263cfm    179cfm
.500   284cfm    193cfm
.600   295cfm    198cfm
.700   298cfm    202cfm

FE Technical Forum / Preferred rocker system?
« on: September 06, 2020, 12:48:01 PM »
For the moment, independent of price, want to look at pros/cons of rocker setups out there:
Comp Gold
Harland Sharp
POP stands with Lykins non adjustables

Looking at a ~235* .625" hydraulic roller type deal, on TFS heads. 

Maybe I'm not looking deep enough, but the way I see it, as long as the shafts/stands aren't flexing, and the rocker ratios are accurate, is there really an advantage to any of these?  I understand the taller rocker bosses on the TFS does pose some issues. 

Is there any advantage to the Crane setup with the one piece stand setup?  Seems it could be more rigid, perhaps a smidge easier to install?  If no other advantage, I'd lean towards the POP stands that will be offered .200" shorter for setup with the TFS. 

Non-FE Discussion Forum / Collector Car Insurance?
« on: August 24, 2020, 07:58:06 AM »
I've previously had my '63 Merc on my regular insurance, but need to add a second "classic" and looking into specialty insurance.  Quote from Hagerty to insure my Merc and a '90 Saleen Mustang is $998/yr.  Seems really high for collector cars, no?  Values were $25k and $23k respectively.  Anyone mind letting me know what you're paying for vehicles of similar value?   I feel like most guys are in the $400/yr range.   

FE Technical Forum / Welding a 427 block
« on: August 02, 2020, 06:08:59 PM »
Snagged a standard bore 427 marine block at Carlisle with a cracked water jacket, and wanted to get an opinion on the best way to fix.  Also, any known good cast iron welders in the Mid Atlantic region, let me know as I can travel a bit to get the block fixed. 

Can't read the date code on this one, first number is mangled.  I know sometimes they can be dated depending on which foundry location they came from, this is a DIF block.  Looks to be drilled for hydraulics but I haven't pulled the plugs for the galley crossover to see if they're plugged. 

Pretty excited to get a 427 block and had to take a bit of a leap a faith to grab it. 

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